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Skin Glow Maintenance Kit | 7 x Items - Alexia Makeup • Hair • Beauty

Skin Glow Maintenance Kit | 7 x Items


Suitable for declogging and decongestant skins using key ingredients that exfoliate and draw out impurities.

* Product images are indicative and may not represent the actual product size.

Contains: 7 Items

  1. Acne Cleansing Bar (15ml)
  2. Anti-Radical Toner (15ml)
  3. Purifying Exfoliating Masque (30ml)
  4. Anti-Radical Concentrate with Spin Traps (15ml)
  5. Glucana Creme (30ml)
  6. 5% Glycolic Polymer Creme (30ml)
  7. Facial Brush (Small)