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Self Tan Application Mitt - Alexia Makeup • Hair • Beauty

Self Tan Application Mitt


Tuscan Tan Self Tan Application Mitt applies fake tan evenly and protects your hands from staining.

When it comes to applying self tan products, the best advice Tuscan Tan can give you is; invest in a Self Tan Application Mitt. For such a small investment, you’ll be amazed at the difference this little red mitt makes. Firstly, the mitt prevents the most obvious of all self tan application mishaps, STAINED HANDS. Secondly, it allows you to spread and blend fake tan products evenly over your skin for a streak free, professional looking finish.

The mitt is made of fabric and velvety soft flocking on the outer, with a protective stain proof film on the inside. It fits snugly on your hand, so won't slip and slide around your hand when you're applying your fake tan. Well made and durable, the mitt is re-usable time after time. It's super easy to clean with a quick wash in warm soapy water, followed by a thorough rinsing, and flat air dry.

Next time you self tan, use Tuscan Tan's Self Tan Application Mitt to apply your fake tan consistently and evenly, while protecting your hands from staining. With their light weight consistency and fast drying properties, the mitt is particularly good for applying self tan mousses.

Confident tanning at home has never been easier! Tanning accessories like this little gem will help you achieve professional looking results every time. With application so easy and flawless, self tanning at home will transition easily into your weekly beauty regime. Look tanned and healthy all year round with a professional looking, streak free glow.

Product features:

  • Self tan application mitt.
  • Fits snugly on the hand.
  • velvety soft flocking outer.
  • Applies and blends fake tan consistently.
  • Protective stain proof film inside.
  • Prevents hands from staining.
  • Well Made, durable, re-usable.
  • Cleans easily in warm soapy water.
  • One size fits all