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How long will shipping take?

Please allow 1-3 days for processing once you have completed your order. Standard Shipping times 2-5 business days with Australia Post. Shipping & Handling AUD$10.50

What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of our products, there are no refunds or exchanges. However, in the unlikely case that you receive a damaged item, we will be more than welcomed to replace it. We will just ask that you send us back the damaged item.

How many times can you reuse a pair of lashes?

Our lashes last on average 10-15 uses if well maintained. Whenever you remove your lashes, gently remove the glue from the lash base with makeup remover/alcohol and tweezers and place them back in its original tray to maintain their natural shape. It is important to preserve the quality of the lash by trying to avoid getting the strands of the lashes wet.

Do the ALEXIA MAKEUP & HAIR lashes come in 1 size?

Yes, the lashes come in one standard size that allows you to custom fit them just for your eyes. Before gluing the lahes, lay them on your eyes to measure, trim from the outside if needed for the perfect fit.

Are your lashes cruelty free?

Our 100% human hair lashes are absolutely cruelty free. 

Can I apply mascara to my lashes?

We recommend putting mascara on your natural lashes prior to applying the lashes.

Will the lashes harm my natural lashes?

No. When applied correctly using proper eyelash adhesive, there is no harm done to your lashes.